About us

It started with some bookshelves.  

She was a wanderer and he was a voyager.  They met, but remained worlds apart...chatting here and there as time allowed while they traveled on their separate paths.  Soon, the time between conversations grew shorter and the talk more in depth.  She was a lover of books, hiking, and photography.  He loved sailboats, science fiction, and roller blading.  They both craved adventure.

Before they knew it, hypothetical scenarios started to get tossed around.  Do you like the sea?  What about boats?  What about family?  Here or there...

Then one day he asked her how large most of her books were.  As she wondered why, he explained that he was rebuilding the bookshelves on his boat, Paragon, and wanted to be sure that it could accommodate any books she had.  Carpentry, she thought, is no longer hypothetical.  

Now they live together on Paragon and hope to do the slowest circumnavigation ever.  None of this "AROUND THE WORLD IN 200 DAYS".  Rather, they want to meander around the world, exploring every cove, immersing themselves in the culture, and documenting their discoveries in photos and on film. 


  1. While reading your blog a ad for Heliport Lighting came up. I said to myself "Hmmm....I wonder what lighting Mo and Drake use on there yatch heliport?".

    1. Hello ParadisePArrot,

      We actually use a great product made by Alpenglow Lights. Our overhead lights have both a red LED and a white CFL light controlled by two switches on the side of the box. Each switch goes in two directions allowing you to set the lights to both a high and low setting. The white lights, which have a lovely, natural glow, only use about .85 amps on high (600 lumens) and .4-.5 amps on low (300 lumens) which means we're using hardly any battery power to create a bright and comfortable interior.

      We've been extremely pleased with these lights. You can check out their website for more info.

      Cheers, Mo

  2. Hey there g's,

    I just wanted to say thanks for your vids. You inspired and educated me whilst I was reading, saving and longing for my own set of sails which I recently acquired. A blog of my 'coming out as a sailor' process is here: http://adventuresinbob.wordpress.com

    If you're in Sydney and you'd like a local orientation or an insider's guide to dive sites, drop me a line.

    Cheers and fair winds,


  3. Congratulations Roger. I would love to check out your blog, but it seems to be invite only. Could you message me a way to access it at sailparagon@gmail.com?

    It will be some time before we're in your neck of the woods, but we would love a local tour. I'm especially excited about going diving since I haven't had much of a chance since I was certified.

    take care,

  4. Awesome start...can't wait to see where this goes. Congratulations to the both of you on getting Paragon back in the water. Fair winds!

  5. Hi Drake and Monique:
    I recently found your blogs and youtube channel and have been trying to "soak up" as much information as I can over the past couple of months. Your material and spirit has been very informative and inspirational. I guess I am currently in that transition zone from being a "cruiser-want-to-be" to making it reality; but I get closer every day. I now have the boat, but its currently on a lake in Georgia. Although that's far from an ideal place, it has allowed my time to get to know the boat. I am planning an extended trip later this year, and if it goes well, I expect that may well give me the push I need to jump out of the Corporate world. Thanks again for sharing such great information and material.


  6. Started following Drake on youtube last year and love the video's. I must have missed some as I see you are sailing the Fiona. Is That the same boat that he was sailing on to Portugal?

    Thanks again for the video's

  7. Dear Mo and Drake,
    I came upon you through my search for a Chelsea ship's clock for my 1966 Alberg Bristol 27.. ebay led to youtube led to other videos I might like (seeing that I have a voracious appetite for cruising video blogs and all things regarding real people who are true sailers making it happen) and voila.. there I was sucked into the nightmare sail to Bermuda (man, was that some scintilating entertainment)! It was eerily ironic that I was watching that saga since only days ago I had an experience that melded Paragon's and ChaCha's (but I would like to think I handled my predicaments more like Drake and less like the captain of ChaCha!). My hailing port is Manchester by the Sea and I was on a day sail to Gloucester when I suffered a series of catasrophic failures that turned my day sail into a 48 hour oddessy repleat with shredded mainsail, cut mainsail halyard, failed outboard and failed tiller leading to zero control of rudder. All said and done my crew, my boat (Windward Passage) and me all made it out unscathed! I took the hint and I am pulling her from the water this week for such much needed repairs and love. I love your ambition, your style, your great nature and you sense of adventure and look forward to keeping up with you from here on out. Please always err on the side of caution (always remember Bermuda) and get lots of sleep! Sincerely, Sean

  8. Hi, I was surfing the web while listening to the rain. I came on the youtube channel with Drake's well done videos. Looking forward to the new ones in January. Hope they have some sun in them, haven't seen the sun in about 20 days, yes it does rain in Ketchikan, a bit.
    Iceland has interested me, met some Icelanders in Homer heading to the Park to see bears and wolves.
    Like that stove, what a beauty.
    Stay warm and dry.

  9. Hi
    I like your videos and also that you are using a Phantom to make overview videos with. It get a new dimension to the video! I have also started to trying to do some videos with DJI. One time outside Bahamas I tryed to fly from the boat ... noat a very good idea ... when the Phantom was coming in to land on the deck it just drifted in to the water! Ok it was only 3 meters depth so I did get it up but it did not seem to like salty water!
    Good like with the video and sailing! Looking forward to follow you! Maybee we will meet on one of the seven seas!


  10. Hi Paragon,
    The way you have inspired me and many others is, I must say, extraordinary! Looking up the internet for real stories of sailing and if living on a boat is your cup of tea, there is nothing better than your tales and videos. Absolutely a must-to-see for everyone who loves the sea and the planet that holds it.
    I have only sailed on small dinghies, but done lots of trips on motorboats in the mediterranean. My next step though is to set the sails on offshore yachts and blend myself with that world. You surely helped me to book my tickets for a skipper class this summer! As an airline pilot for a large long-haul company, I do hope I have the luck and possibility to meet you guys one day at the harbour! If it is to happen, then coincidence for sure will bring us both to the same port...Happy sails!!