Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Listening to "Muddy Waters" by The Seldom Scene

It is with much relief that I sit here on the porch of the marina clubhouse, wrapped in a blanket to ward off the cold, and thank the powers that be that Sandy spared us her wrath.  I had just flown back to North Carolina and had yet to unpack my bags when I heard the rumblings of "that hurricane" everyone was keeping a wary eye on.  Perhaps it was because I had been out of town, but it felt as though this entire storm system crept up out nowhere...or maybe it was because so many were talking about heading south or had, in fact, already left for destinations south.  

The entire marina was a buzz of activity with people removing jibs and staysails, securing mains, checking lines, and putting out extra fenders. Cars, trailered boats, bicycles, and other miscellaneous items were moved to higher ground while dinghy's were moved to the rack and tied down.  Everyone was studiously working to prepare for the worst (and hope for the best), but it certainly lacked some of the urgency of last year when Irene was headed in our direction.  

Last year's direct hit, and the ensuing 12ft storm surge and winds, left a trail of devastation that many are still recovering from both here and beyond.  The Pamlico County Middle School suffered so much damage it took a little over eight months to reopen, and others are still dealing with the million little headaches involved in repairing or rebuilding their homes.

Sandy was forecast to graze us as she passed and that is exactly what happened.  Here at the marina winds topped out at just over 40mph and the surge was between three and four feet.  Drake was particularly concerned because, though Paragon's mast and rigging is in place, she has yet to be tuned.  He spent some time tightening the stays and shrouds to make sure a particularly vicious puff didn't bring the rig down.  We also made sure the deck was cleared of all random gear and put last minute items in the cockpit or below.  

All that being done we went below and hunkered down with good food, drink, and company (!) and waited out the storm.  Now, as we uncurl from our two day hiatus and begin work again, we look to the north.  We've started to hear the reports of Sandy's landfall and send all of our best wishes to those now dealing with the aftermath of this powerful hurricane.  We wish you a safe and speedy recovery!

water just a breath below the dock

flooding under the marina clubhouse

Hark!  I see land!  Though it's usually right here under me…?
Flood waters have receded and we're back to normal

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