Thursday, July 5, 2012

Louver my nemesis

Listening to "Johnny Got a Boom Boom" by Imelda May

Louvered doors.  

Chances are you have little to no response to these words, and oh how I envy you, for that was once my reaction.  I have been bartering my time with our fabulous carpenter by helping him construct the louvered doors we require in the forward head and salon.  Drake and I feel that these doors are best both for their functionality and their aesthetics.  Wow, do I wish we'd just grabbed a teak board and drilled some holes.  (maybe)  The amount of work that goes into making these is rather mind-boggling, and I have a profound new respect for their creators.  On the plus side, every time I pass these little gems my heart swells with pride as I remember all the work that went into trimming, routing, and sanding every slat, side, and corner.  

Forward head storage 

This offers great storage as well as access to the seacock

They are now 80% installed and are simply waiting for some inner braces and outer locks.  This is good.  It suddenly becomes one less project that stands between us and leaving to go north, and allows me to see that light at the end of the tunnel.  Now we just have to sand and paint the hull in 98˚F/37˚C heat.  Pah!  Not a problem...I've made louvered doors.

Just finishing up the initial installation


  1. I never woulda thought twice about them, just go get some at Home Depot, but then I remembered that you need CUSTOM doors. UGH. OK, so now I know. Never need any tiny, oddly shaped louvered doors. Good Work on this project.

  2. Thanks Chris, it was so cool to be able to help out, though I don't think I ever want to become a carpenter. The amount of time and work (not to mention math) that goes into making even the most simple items is staggering. I'll stick to being the's harder to mess up sanding.