Monday, July 23, 2012

The blank canvas

Listening to "Death Letter" by Cassandra Wilson

I believe napkins are forms of creative inspiration.  Their blank smoothness and texture literally cradle the mind for the epiphany to come.  How many great portraits, radical scientific equations, and love sonnets have been scrawled across their blank folds to capture an idea before it fades into oblivion.  Their surface is never as imposing as the long, blank page of paper and, if the idea falters or is discarded, the medium can always be used to wipe the milk moustache from your lips and be tossed into the obscurity of the trash pail.  One has only to look at a man's napkin to glance into the depths of his soul.

what is on your napkin?


  1. That's a very artistic serviette! My own napkin is adorned with a chaotic pattern in burgundy and black... all that's left of my lunch: homemade black bean chilli. And yes, it was yummy!

    Hope the boat work is going well... and I envy your engine room. My own is a good bit "cozier"!


    1. Hey Richard,

      Yes, we have quite a bit of engine room envy abounding, but there are other spaces on Paragon that leave something to be desired. Such is life on a boat, eh?

      Mmmmm, chili sounds yummy. I've been on a bit of a soup rampage lately. With this hot weather you wouldn't think it would be refreshing, but I've become addicted to this spicy Thai soup I've whipped up....super delicious!